Commission Work



These photos were taken in winter 2016 showing the progress of a real commission from start to finish. The collector contacted one of my art galleries for a price quote. The gallery organized to details and alerted me once the refundable 50% deposit was paid; at that point I began work. Matchessault
It takes about 2 to 3 weeks from start to finish. I work in
oils on prepared birch or mahogany plywood. The panel is
strapped with 1x2 pine, glued and clamped into place.
Once the panel has been sanded smooth a layer
of fine plaster is applied to the surface to fill
in the wood grain. The plaster is sanded once dry.
The panel is sealed using commercial acrylic gesso.
The gesso is applied with a soft brush and may
require three or four coats. Each coat is lightly
sanded before the next is put on.
The base composition is painted on the
prepared painting surface with an under tone
color. Here the color is being mixed with
linseed oil to make it thin, suitable for rapid
wash like effects.
Working from my sketch, I rapidly block in the
main aspects of the image using a large brush
and rags.


Once the composition is blocked in, I work with
smaller brushes to fine tune the shapes and edge

I use paper towels to lift out areas that need
lightening. While the base layer is still wet I am able
to draw up excess paint, allowing the white gesso
layer to affect the lights and darks.
I continue to use the paper towels, twisted into
small points, to refine the lights and darks in the
painting. This process is pure drawing.
After the base composition layer has dried (several days
to a week) I begin to apply colors to refine the details
in the painting. Here the foliage is being worked up.
I use high quality oil paints and mediums to add layers of details and hues.

The completed painting must dry for several weeks before varnishing and framing. (Title: Pintado, 2016, oil/panel, 36x48, SOLD)