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See photos of a real commission from start to finish in my studio.


Below is an example of a commission created in 2013 for Jonathan Dimmock (a Grammy Award winner for his work with the San Francisco Symphony). Followed by a commission for a Dallas TX couple's new home.


commissioned painting

Title: The Dimmock Variation, 2013, oil/panel, 24" x 48". SOLD San Francisco



Title: Adirondack, 2014, oil/panel, 40" x 60" SOLD Dallas


Other clients remain private, but here are recent commissions to collectors' homes.

Title: Bijou Willow, 2014, oil/canvas, 60" x 48". SOLD Oklahoma City

Title: Amalfi, 2014, oil/panel, 54" x 48" SOLD. Toronto


Marchessault painting
Title: Medonte, 2013, oil/panel, 30" x 30". SOLD Montreal


Title: Crown Willow, 2014, oil/canvas, 60" x 48". SOLD Oklahoma City


Title: Trade Winds, 2015, oil/panel, 60" x 20". SOLD Florida


Title: Sea Oaks, 2015, oil/panel, 38" x 38". SOLD Florida

Title: Ile Cache, 2015, oil/panel, 30" x 40". SOLD Montreal

Title: Tres Coronas, 2015, oil/panel, 30" x 60". SOLD Montreal

Title: Varada, 2014, oil/canvas, 47" x 84". SOLD Vancouver


Title: Still There, 2016, oil/panel, 40" x 46". SOLD Santa Fe NM


Title: Hortensia, 2016, oil/panel, 40" x 40". SOLD Montreal


Title: Sagawa, 2016, oil/panel, 36" x 66". SOLD Toronto


Title: Tre alberi a Buona Terra, 2017, oil/panel, 24" x 36". SOLD New York City


Title: Beleza, 2017, oil/panel, 22" x 22". SOLD Montreal


Title: Reverie, 2017, oil/panel, 22" x 58". SOLD New York City